SALAR del rincon

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  • Total Resource of 11.77 million tonnes LCE
    • Measured and Indicated Resource account for almost half at 5.8 million tonnes LCE
  • Total Reserve of 1.98 million tonnes LCE
    • Proven Reserve represents 20% 0.4 million tonnes LCE
  • Reserves would enable operation of significant plant 50 ktpa for 40 years
resource estimate
reserve estimate


  • Adsorption process uses 109 m3 of raw water per tonne of LCE (to be confirmed by pilot plant)
  • Rincon holds large water rights on the salar that have no other current or likely future users
  • Availability of water is determined based on precipitation, evaporation and infiltration in the catchment basin
  • Montgomery and Associates completed a Water Balance for the entire catchment basin of the salar in June 2021, concluding:
    • available water in the Catua Alluvial Fan for the project ranges from 23,300,000 and 24,500,000 m3 per annum
    • with current technology there is sufficient water to support the production of over 100,000 tonnes LCE per annum

Carbon Footprint

  • Connected to the grid for power would see the operation in the lowest quartile for CO 2 Emissions (t CO 2 /t LCE) with 100% renewables
    opportunity to be the lowest CO 2 Emissions ( t CO 2 /t LCE
  • Argentina electricity market energy mix 35% renewables including hydro, 65% thermal (mostly natural gas) & no coal
  • Initiative for Responsible Mining (IRMA) mine self assessment tool is being undertaken as it is seen as a credible first step in confirming the projects
    social and environmental credentials
  • A non binding offer has been received from a major power provider confirming competitive long term supply options with the possibility of
    utilising onsite renewable generation
Rincon Corporate overview
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